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Bulbasaur resembles a small, squatting dinosaur that walks on four legs but without a tail and has a large bulb on its back that it is able to shoot seeds out of. It also has large, red eyes and very sharp teeth. Its skin is a light, turquoise color with dark, green spots. It has three claws on all four of his legs. Its most notable feature, however, is the aforementioned bulb on its back, which as the Pokédex states, was planted on it at birth.

Natural Abilitiessửa

Bulbasaurs have "bulbs" on their backs that grow steadily larger as the Bulbasaur matures. This bulb contains a seed which uses photosynthesis to supply Bulbasaur with energy. Its bulb is also used to store the energy which the seed absorbs, which can be used when it is necessary. It is assumed that when a Bulbasaur collects enough energy in its bulb, it will evolve into an Ivysaur.


Bulbasaur are very polite Pokémon. They are very loyal to their trainer and always try their best to win the battle for them.


As Bulbasaur is a starter Pokémon, it is hard to locate, however, it could be found near streams.


Bulbasaur evolves into Ivysaur starting at level 16, and from Ivysaur, evolves into Venusaur starting at level 32.

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Bản mẫu:Main Bulbasaur's debut in the anime was in the first episode, Pokémon - I Choose You, where it can be seen on Ash Ketchum's television in his room and his dream about which starter Pokémon he will select the next day. Ash Ketchum caught a Bulbasaur in Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village. May caught a Bulbasaur in Grass Hysteria.


In the Pokémon Adventures manga, Red chose Bulbasaur, which he nicknamed Saur, as his Starter Pokémon.


  • Bulbasaur has two main distinctions:
    • Bulbasaur is known to be the first Pokémon introduced in the National Pokédex Order that is a genuine Pokémon.
    • Bulbasaur and its evolutions are the only Poison-type starter Pokémon and it was the only basic stage starter to be dual-typed until Rowlet was introduced in Generation VII. All other basic stage starters are single typed (although some become dual-typed but only after one or two evolutions).
  • Bulbasaur and its evolutions have the same species as Sunkern: they are both Seed Pokémon.
  • Bulbasaur is the first dual-type unevolved starter, it is followed by Rowlet, with Grass/Flying.


"Bulbasaur" comes from "bulb" and "dinosaur".


Bulbasaur resembles a small squatting dinosaur with a bulb on its back, but also strongly resembles a toad.

Names in other languagessửa

  • Japanese:: フシギダネ (Fushigidane in Romaji) from the Japanese words Fushigi (不思議), which means strange and Tane (種), which means seed.
  • Korean: 이상해씨 (Isanghessi in Romaja) from the Korean words Isanghada (이상하다), which means strange and ssi (씨), which means seed.
  • English: Bulbasaur is a portmanteau of the words "bulb", a plant term referring to the large bulb on its back, and "dinosaur".
  • French:: Bulbizarre from the French words bulbe (bulb) and bizarre (bizarre).
  • German:: Bisasam from the German words Bisamratte (muskrat) and Samen (seed).


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